In a distant mental asylym the waited fall

  • In a distant mental asylym the waited fall had arrived. it's been 4 years and now it's time for the competition. consisting of 4 events. The first was

  • Iron Psychopath. This event, is actually three events in one. First, the mental patient must blather to himself for hours, then smoke 8 packs of cigarette and refuse to take his me

  • ds. The winner is the first one to be detained in hospital under Section 2 of the Mental Heath Act 1983. The entrants to the Iron Psychopath Tourney had been in intensive training

  • for three years, since the last Iron Psychopath Tourney was held at the abandoned asylum the next town over. The competition was fierce and only the best loonies could qualify.

  • SO, lining up ass-backwards, affixing their various tinfoil hats and spinning wheel shoes, the game was on. "Bang!" the gun fired and the Psychopath Tourney '18 was off & running!

  • Psychopath #13 immediately pulled out into the lead, as he was violently swinging about a soiled toilet seat at the others. Psychopath #5 managed to duck, but his tinfoil hat was

  • turned into an Inspector Gadget phone and floated safely down a river that formed under their feet; one which made them understand that they were hearing through metaphysics.

  • "The thing about being meta and knowing that you are meta is that you can change the meta & no one can knock it down until they first rebuild it from the inside", I explained to my

  • audience that I knew was watching beyond the screen. Being aware that one was a fictional character was hard work.

  • Wait. What are you doing? Don't...DON'T touch that! DO NOT!!! If you unplug, I will cease to ex-...NO! Sit DOWN, I say. SIT DO-............ And that was the end of the show.



  1. Woab Sep 27 2018 @ 16:26

    Apparently, what happens in the abandoned asylum STAYS in the abandoned asylum, and so do we.

  2. LordVacuity Sep 27 2018 @ 21:58

    If the show ended like that, who told us it ended like and how would they know. How do we know to believe her?

  3. LordVacuity Sep 27 2018 @ 22:01

    Maybe the show, in reality, continued and ended was just our perception of it? Or it’s perception of us.

  4. LordVacuity Sep 27 2018 @ 22:02

    Perhaps we’re just the false hope the show had that somewhere someone missed it.

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