Have you ever noticed that "Arkansas" is

  • Have you ever noticed that "Arkansas" is just "Kansas" with an "Ar" in front of it?

  • Maybe because Kansas was a place, but someone else wanted the name. So they said "That can be your Kansas, and this'll be our (Ar) Kansas!"

  • Doreene sings "Somewhere over the Swamp Haze". Then Poeleece impound her Huntin Dawg an a Hairycane picks up her shack & drops it in Awz. "We ain't in (Ar)kansas no more Rufus!

  • Doreene shuffled dern ta yeller brick bowleevard and came up on a scardeecrow right dumber'n a box of hammers. Farther on, tey met a tin man who needed his heart transplanted.

  • Afore too long, Doreene, the scardeecrow & tin man seen a lion who was skeered o' well nigh everythin'. "I spect I'll allow y'all kin come wid us" said Doreene, "we's gwine to see

  • the grate-n-powerfool Gizzard. 'Pears to me dat you could use some hep, too." So the sceerdy lion joined in wid the rest & ambled on down da yeller brick road. When dey came to

  • a really nice emerald green double-wide trailer with a giant confederate flag draped over the top and Dorothy asked, "Is that the Wizard's place?" But the Scarecrow laughed, "Look

  • ee yonder over at that thar RV parked next to it. That's ware he be." The rusty door of the RV opened & the Wizard stepped out, carrying a shotgun. "What yuns want?" Dorothy

  • hollered, "I wanna go home!" The Wizard paid her no mind. The Tin Man pointed over yonder and said, "That there scarecrow's got rocks in his head but we like him anyhow."

  • "And even though I'm a big sissy, I don't mind saying the Tin Man's got some major social problems," said the Lion. The Wizard had had enough and wasn't gonna enable them further.



  1. Chaz Jul 22 2015 @ 18:51

    I like hearing BBC radio. American: Ar-can-saw British: Ar-Kansas

  2. m80 Jul 23 2015 @ 00:57

    This story makes me happy, and Perronicus' fold is hilarious

  3. SlimWhitman Jul 26 2015 @ 04:29

    Arkansome that we cud git Doreene in a Story uv her very own!

  4. SlimWhitman Jul 26 2015 @ 04:31

    p.s. Thanks for enabling us SherbertHead

  5. Scribbly Aug 04 2015 @ 01:32

    Hillbilly Wizard of Oz lol. Nice.

  6. DanielQuinn May 04 2016 @ 18:10

    My absolute favorite ever.

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