"GEORGE! George... Look at this. See, I crumple

  • "GEORGE! George... Look at this. See, I crumple this piece of paper and toss at the waste basket. and see? it just disappears! in mid-air! Look, ham sandwich. Toss. Poof. Gone."

  • George sighed, lifted his head & opened 1 eye to see what Beatrice was yammerin' about."Didja see that George, didja?! The waste basket! It's like a black hole!" George got an idea

  • . Maybe he could escape Beatrice forever. Maybe all he had to do was jump inside the waste basket. Maybe he could push Beatrice into the black hole. Beatrice's shrill voice interru

  • pted his crafty reverie. "Oh look, the trash needs to be taken out," Beatrice said sweetly. "You know, it really turns me on when a big, strong man takes out the garbage for me."

  • Beatrice's cunning plan backfired as he started to bring in bags of stinking garbage off the street just in order to take them out again. "OK...you've proved you're a real man!

  • ", she said when the bag over his shoulder tore, & Felix Underbutton a small swarthy street savvy man tumbled out at her knees. He kissed Beatrice hand before her bag totting hubby

  • reached inside his sack of goodies and pulled out a wafer cookie. Beatrice's hubby twiddled his fingers in anticipation. He delicately put the cookie in his mouth and made goo goo

  • and purring sounds as he bit into the wafer cookie. Now he would settle down. Beatrice knew she had to apply the salve to his forehead to keep the nightmares at bay. She was a

  • certified chrism extractor but in cases where the pineal gland was affected, other experts were needed. Beatrice comforted the troubled man until

  • the doctor returned. "You have sixteen seconds to live," he said. Sure enough, 16 seconds later, the troubled man croaked. "Well, that's that!", Beatrice said as she headed out.



  1. KieferSkunk Mar 07 2015 @ 05:31

    That was surprisingly coherent. :)

  2. SlimWhitman Mar 07 2015 @ 08:29

    I want to know what happened to Felix Underbutton...

  3. m80 Mar 07 2015 @ 22:04

    Look no farther: http://foldingstory.com/803gf/

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