The file cabinet contained it all. When she

  • The file cabinet contained it all. When she was blabbing with the others she never let her eyes rest on it. No no no no. That would be too obvious. But when she was sure she was

  • far enough across the room, she slipped two fingers into her blouse, found the strap and moved her hand underneath it. She smirked a little, pressed hard and the cabinet exploded

  • instantly killing Governess Maria. Mother Superior rearranged her habit and said , "How do you solve a problem like Maria? With a booby trap! Rolph laughed. "You took care of her!"

  • Maria fell for it every time. This time just happened to be fatal. Rolph offered a celebratory round of crack, and everybody got real itchy. Suddenly, Mother Superior jumped to her

  • feet and declared to everyone in the room, "Maria! Maria! Oh my G- She is dead!" This got some stares because she'd been dead for over three hours. Rolph generously offered crack

  • -ers to go with the cheese and whine he had already given me. I didn't know how to prepare them, but luckily, Ritz crackers have pics and instructions on the back of the box.

  • I quickly whipped up a batch of "sore loser" appetizers: sour grapes, sour cream and lemon rind on a ritz. I offered him a sample to see if he would get the hint. The face he made

  • full of gratitude & anticipation surprised me.Noone had ever "cooked" for him before.He sucked on the rind while grinning at me.When he asked me to peel the grapes & feed them to

  • him I gladly complied. When he asked me to juice a cantaloupe and ferment it in a western snowy plover's bladder I gladly complied. But when he asked me to

  • dress up as Barney the purple dinosaur and dance Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for his daughter's 7th birthday party I most certainly did not gladly comply. I ECSTATICALLY complied.



  1. sundancer Dec 13 2011 @ 20:40

    This story rocks. It was, in my opinion, contributed to by all the best people on folding story!!

  2. 49erFaithful Dec 13 2011 @ 21:22

    Nice. Didn't see that final twist coming. Who wouldn't be ecstatic about doing some King of Pop moves in a giant purple dinosaur suit?

  3. SlimWhitman Dec 14 2011 @ 12:39

    @Sundancer: Thanks for the flowers & nice no... ecstatically excellent finish. @49er: Someone who peels grapes for a sore looser? You've got my culinary curiosity salivating with that last recipe.

  4. Chaz Dec 14 2011 @ 14:16

    "Beulah, peel me a grape." - Mae West, (I'm No Angel 1933)

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