They whispered "We hold as self-evident,

  • They whispered "We hold as self-evident, that all humans are created equal, endowed with unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness." A drone flew

  • and dropped leaflets. "You are in violation of copyright code 45.77, The Declaration of Independenc is now property of Time-McDonald-Disney and its subsidies. Desist or be bombed."

  • I looked at what remained of our great civilization, rubble and debris and poor people in 'shelters'. I had nowhere to run, the Elite had won. Anonymous was right all along.

  • But then.... a glimmer of hope! Like a flower among the debris, I saw a beautiful young lady, who said"What the hell are you doing standing there? They are coming for you! This way

  • to the safe zone!" I had come upon a kindergarten game of tag. My 37-year-old self touched the safe tree with the girl. Was this weird? The cops couldn't get me in the safe zone so

  • we just stayed there...and stayed there until she turned 37 and I was (counting on fingers) 69. By then the game of tag was over and we were free to engage in more adult activities

  • such as completing our tax returns and making mortgage payments. Politics was only something we commented on as we never got around to actually voting. The suffragettes died so we

  • could still have sexist commercials - seriously, are we back in the 50's again? Every wife long-suffers her idiot husband, and thank God she has access to whatever wonder product

  • can be sold under the banner, "As Seen on TV." She

  • was intent on having happier buns. After seeing that manly trucker in the infomercial, she rushed to the store and bought two comfy seat cushions. It all worked out in the end.



  1. foldmeonce May 16 2014 @ 18:16

    I was thinking of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QiUBxddlNU :)

  2. buddyboy4711 May 17 2014 @ 02:08

    "The problem isn't how you're sitting" huh? Dude hasn't seen my posture.

  3. SlimWhitman Nov 16 2014 @ 16:23

    @foldemeonce: I like the part where the guy sits in his comfy recliner - not enough cushions? - with his forever comfy to "watch TV for hours in carefree comfort."

  4. foldmeonce Nov 19 2014 @ 17:11

    Haha!@SlimWhitman As long as it's not the Comfy Chair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnS49c9KZw8

  5. SlimWhitman Nov 19 2014 @ 19:35

    No., not.... the comfy chair!!!

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