By the time she could turn around i turn

  • By the time she could turn around i turn down the

  • the volume of the tv so she wont yell at me. she left me

  • and went to the brunch buffet at the Four Seasons. That's where she did it with the omlet guy.

  • The "omlet guy" turned out to be Wolfgang Puck. Their affair had the snappy kind of

  • swing to it that allowed for others to gossip about it without feeling too much guilt. But then again Mr. Puck didn't ever feel guilt. He told me so himself. Then he flipped an

  • opaque guitar out and started to play. Soon, he had attracted all the attention away from the nearby musically untalented begger.

  • The beggar's guitar began to gently weep. George felt bad about stealing the beggar's audience and he stopped playing to allow the crowd to return. As George listened, he was ins

  • ightful about his own rise and fall from fame. It was at this moment that George realized happiness was not to be found in a Grammy: Happiness was within him all along.

  • But George could not be comfortable with his happiness as long as his wooden teeth gave him splinters, so he decided to melt the grammy down into a fine set of "gold" dentures.

  • George at last found happiness. He was never lonely. His loving Grammy, in denture form, communicated with him via peridontal telepathy. So they lived together happily ever after.



  1. lucielucie Feb 27 2013 @ 05:28

    Oops - wrong grammy

  2. Zetawilk Feb 27 2013 @ 09:57

    Moral of the story: Two wrongs can make a right if it's a set of "false" false teeth.

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