La paloma de la broma se encuentra en Sonoma.

  • La paloma de la broma se encuentra en Sonoma.

  • Code is one thing,but this was ridiculous.The map led us to a buried wooden box.The clue inside said:"The dove on the joke is placed in Sonoma." Where the fuck is that?In Spain?

  • But actually I got the code all wrong. It was Williams-Sonoma. So my contact dropped me like a hot potato. He put a hit on me which is normally not a problem but the hitman

  • was a kamikaze pilot wearing indestructible teflon armour. As the Iron Vulture spiraled towards me, I brashly wielded the high-end, Williams-Sonoma soaps and kitchenware beside me.

  • Like I thought, the Iron Vulture's pilot didn't account for the narrow passage of flying in the department store. I dodged his crash-landing, soaps & kitchenware flung everywhere,

  • and the cash registers rung with the shaking of the ground. The midget from the drugstore came running through aisle four, aiming his old 12 gauge at something behind the

  • tower of neatly stacked reduced price hair growth promoting shampoo. Suddenly, the shampoo bottles began to topple and the midget from the drugstore fired his gun in the direction

  • of the pineapple stand outside. Upon contacting the pineapple, the bullet caused an gigantic rip in the fabric of reality, and through that rip emerged a Demonic Judy Dench

  • lookalike. The demon roared and began throwing pineapples in all directions, twisted with dark magicks. "I wanted to be a set designer when I was young!" it screamed. Inside, there

  • were crates of frightened pineapples, crying themselves to sleep. "Won't someone end this madness?" One asked, and one did but that's a tale for another time.



  1. SlimWhitman Aug 21 2015 @ 17:53

    ¡Paloma es una piña pensamiento!

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