He dialed in the coordinates. This hydrogen

  • He dialed in the coordinates. This hydrogen cloud would destroy the hull of the NT-4140. It was a pleasure craft, used to tour the rings of Saturn. But the coordinates switched to

  • a planet nearby with an atmosphere much like his own and an abundance of water nitrogen and oxygen, which would be more than enough for the orgathopter to repair-unless it exploded

  • on impact. Which it did. Luckily, the ship seat belts and airbags worked as they all survived. The problem; they were alone on an uncharted planet and no one knew to rescue them.

  • Stranded on that unfamiliar planet, they had very few options: search the surroundings and look for help, or stay in their shuttle and play strip poker. They decided to

  • play strip poker, unfortunately the strange planet had other plans. "Royal flush!" I proclaimed, with a grin. Just then we heard a clash outside. Paul--the most clothed--peeked out

  • and saw Ninja Radio! He twirled his nunchuks around, knocking things off the shelf. Then he threateningly demanded, "WHERE IS COWBOY TV?" Paul didn't know, so he looked at me. I

  • ignored his annoying comment. Largely because the NY Times Crossword puzzle killer was still at large. The crimes were simple the first few days, but grew more elaborate and tough

  • , always consisting of two bodies with an intersecting letter. More importantly, the lives of the victims intersected in unusual ways. For example, the last two victims shared

  • trees, he a lumberjack and she, a shoe accessory fetishist. The letter that joined them was a note about love and taxes from Ron to "Mommy". This case would be his damnation if

  • only he cared.I had always hated trees and the most expensive pair of shoes he owned was a pair of Miami Vice espadrilles. What would Crocket do. He ran his hair. through his ha



  1. toomanycarbs Feb 26 2011 @ 10:10

    oops totally messed up last line. "He ran his hand through his hair and felt good."

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