I got out my ruler and measured carefully.

  • I got out my ruler and measured carefully. The other kids at the lunch table stared, but I intended to eat this Fruit By The Foot precisely one foot at a time. I made incisions

  • on one side and carefully cut it. I could see on their faces the look of confusion. I really couldn't care less,

  • so I decided to remove just one pant leg and began softly humming to myself. I didn't think their eyebrows could get any closer together - but they did. What was really funny

  • was my "unibrow" joke. But they didn't laugh. With my pants off I sat akimbo. Let that desert air cleans the clammy cloisters. They jumped up and

  • ran away. "Hey, why are you running? I thought we were supposed to be pantless?!" Then I realized they were looking behind me. As if in a movie, my head creaked around to see

  • if they were wearing pants or not. Sure enough, they quickly realized their nakedness and scrambled to cover their private parts with whatever nearby items they could grab. I was

  • unfortunately standing next to a pile of slinkies and when I tried to slink away without being noticed my "covering" made that distinctive and rhythmic sound drawing attention to

  • a purple unicorn!

  • Said Dora the explora. We should ask it the way to meet up with some friends. Unicorns who live in the caves are very

  • touchy said Diego. Dora turned and slapped him in the face. Don't contradict what I say! I was first and I'm the boss! Diego meekly muttered something about goring unicorn horns.



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