It started in mud, as many things do. A blubbering,

  • It started in mud, as many things do. A blubbering, steaming, stench escaped from there. And that's not all.

  • Something dark came up too. Sherie watched it slither out the other night. She said it was an ugly shade of blue-green. I didn't give a damn about the colour. I just wanted my

  • grey washed away. So I scooped up the blue-green sludge in my plastic-gloved hands and rubbed it into my head. After 20 minutes I looked in the mirror. My head was covered with

  • snakes. Excellent! My transformation into Medusa complete, I made my way to my first parrot training workshop with Gerald my untrainable Macaw on my shoulder snacking on my 'hair'

  • The instructor walked over to me. I knew what he was about to say so I just handed him the Macaw waver and the 100 dollop note and he shut up but not before saying, "Nice hair".

  • In my anger, I had my hair bite him multiple times. That got messy & bloody. So I decided after that to use the other Gorgon trait I had and turn my enemies into stone instead.

  • I had been warned that once I activated that trait, I wouldn't ever be able to turn if off. I would eventually see everybody as an enemy worthy of turning to stone. I said let me h

  • ave this ability, because though my power would eventually turn me insane, at least for a brief window of time I would be able to do some good.

  • I was a superhero with powers and should make a costume. The only materials I had were felt scraps and plastic wrap. That made a shitty costume, but I would soon be insane anyway.

  • I glued the felt scraps to my nipples, wrapped the plastic wrap around my face, and hopped on the bus to Chi-town. I met the love of my life that night... but that's another story.



  1. LordVacuity Apr 05 2018 @ 20:49

    Ok, Debber but where is the link to that other story? BTW, I first read Chi-town as Chinatown and I was already agreeing with it: everybody goes to Chinatown, eventually. But then I caught it was Chicago and I pictured the L in the snow, left there by somebody who presumably can get by without it.

  2. LordVacuity Apr 05 2018 @ 20:51

    My 'L's are numbered and they know it.

  3. Woab Apr 07 2018 @ 10:31

    I loved tinybox's line. Great heroics.

  4. tinybox Apr 07 2018 @ 13:25

    awesome story :)

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