Swollen tropical raindrops fell from Bozo's

  • Swollen tropical raindrops fell from Bozo's eyes onto the pavement as he was thrown to the ground and cuffed. His wig was askew, makeup smeared, but from the wet splatters arose

  • a troupe of pygmy elephants who galliwagged the agents and broke Bozo's cuffs. He was a clown on the run, a fugititve fop. He got in his kaleidoscope VW bus and

  • him and his gang of buffoons went on the lam. He put his flat foot on the gas. Bozo was never the same after his tour of duty with "Clowns without Borders." Something had snapped.

  • Things weren't funny the same way they were before. Bozo careened around a corner in his hot pink jalopy, his painted red mouth tense & unsmiling. Bozo had to get his mojo back.

  • Bozo smashed the windshield with his clown shoe and floored it.The other clowns in the jalopy started screaming as their wigs flew out the windows.If he was gonna get his mojo back

  • he was going do it at high speed. Bozo's giant clown shoe flapped back and whipped him in the face like a fishingpole in a hurricane. The passenger clowns wanted him to get his moj

  • ito,but why?Clowns and mojitos don't go together at all!Bozo took back his shoe with a grim and he started to wonder if those passangers clowns were really clowns.Especially Bozo!

  • I mean, what were they hiding behind the face paint, with their big cheesy grins, or in some cases sad and frowning faces that looked plastered on? Bozo's pal Pennywise liked to

  • sharpen his pointed teeth on a limestone which he carried under his fire-red clown wig. He loved to scare children by wearing women's underwear on the outside of his

  • double-breasted charcoal Armani suit. Was there anything scarier than a clown in designer togs? No, he thought happily, watching kids flee screaming "Haute couture!" There wasn't.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 17 2015 @ 20:23

    These clown stories always bring a smile and a laugh. @49er. Wasn't this the continuation of a Bozo story?

  2. lucielucie Jul 25 2015 @ 05:03

    http://foldingstory.com/giavj/26pzz8/ It was a continuation of this story.

  3. 49erFaithful Aug 05 2015 @ 12:48

    Oh yeah, thanks LL!

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