You know, a good story doesn't have to be

  • You know, a good story doesn't have to be epic or action-packed. A really good story could be about something simple, like a cup...and involve ordinary people, like Maggie & Steve.

  • King Noah ordered Maggie and Steve to fetch him the enchanted chalice from the land of folding story. Maggie and Steve for travelled to Australia and then took a small plane to

  • sell on Ebay. With the proceeds Maggie and Steve were able to buy the "Enchanted Chalice" for King Noah. The only problem was they had no money left over for flights back.

  • King Noah wired money and booked the flights so he could have the coveted "enchanted chalice". The wrapping was so secure that even King Noah had to saw it open. "Good job!', he

  • said to himself. King Noah spoke to himself a lot. Back in the day he'd heard voices which told him what to do. Build a boat, collect some pets, two of each kind. But now his grail

  • had lost all holiness and he could only hear the faint quaking of a 'space' duck in the back of his mind. King Noah wasn't crazy though. At least that's what he kept repeating to

  • the nice man who was tying his straightjacket sleeves in a knot behind him. King Noah nodded benignly to the man as he locked the padded room door. Then with a magical toot, he

  • was unlocking the padded room's door to let the straightjacketed orderlies out if they could find the key in the other's Brown Star. King Noah walked out of the mental hospital wit

  • intact. Whit was the only thing left intact in King Noah, besides his ability to outrun the orderlies--even if they had been able to tackle him with the straightjackets still on.

  • King Noah managed to scramble away from the orderlies and get back to his ark that he had been working so diligently on. A sprinkle of rain fell from the sky. He and his family



  1. sundancer Sep 15 2017 @ 03:39

    boarded the giant boat. The orderlies laughed at them as King Noah closed the door and bolted. But they weren't laughing for very long.... DUN DUN DUN.

  2. Woab Sep 15 2017 @ 12:04

    Nice save, sundancer!

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