The saucer landed on the landing field. Gramps

  • The saucer landed on the landing field. Gramps disembarked, full of stories of planets he had buzzed. Xerel's Dad teeked: "Be kind, you lazy traveler, you." Granny Hargrok smirkled

  • The field was overgrown with tall prairie grasses. Gramps found a tree off to the side of the clearing and sat on the soft mosses growing there in the shadows. He was tired.

  • He took out a rag and mopped his brow. Maybe a storm cloud would stop this heat. Gramps spied a darkness on the horizon. They weren't clouds - locusts, millions of them.

  • Gramps swallowed hard as he watched & listened to the huge swarm of giant locusts heading his way. He knew he'd have to eat them before they ate him & everything else in sight. So

  • he killed himself, because that he was convinced that it was not his fate to eat oversized grasshoppers. The grasshoppers subsequently stumbled upon his corpse when

  • they were out for their weekly Grasshoppers Self Help Society for Depressed Grasshoppers. When they saw his corpse, there was great rejoicing. No more suffering at his cruel hands.

  • The Society for Depressed Grasshoppers had their locust of operation in a field. When they met, a Depressed Grasshopper asked who made the coffee, and another said, "Katydid

  • ." But none of the depressed grasshoppers laughed because they were depressed. It was the same at the Society for Depressed Grasshoppers Annual Ball. The dung beetles had a blast

  • at the Dung Ho down. After trochanter slapping fool on the hill beatle music, Dung Ho segued to his classic 'Tiny Dingles'. The depressed grasshoppers do-si-doed with the dung beet

  • les and right into the Hawaiian sunset, jitterbugging until dawn. Then the dong gonged. Dang! The Dung Ho down was done.



  1. Chaz Nov 18 2013 @ 04:13

    I always thought the Great Depression was something else. Now I know.

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