Now son do you have your license? You can

  • Now son do you have your license? You can only bag one. Here is my blade and be sure to tag the head. Watch out for those Jubjub birds and frumious Bandersnatch. Now go.

  • Off I went on a snape hunt, never again to see my Dad, the most revered woolreaching Bandersnatchbagger south, east or west of Boojum Bay. I cocked my Basoonwangler & strumped int

  • o a caterwauling shrincken humbie nest. The humbie was snackered from caterpunking all day though, so I was able to matriculate and rejoin Fagan. Fagan glomped like a Bandersnatch

  • before he went ahead & sniked the humbie right in the scruptum. "Why the folck did you do that?!" I screamed at Fagan. "The humbie fundersnapped my girlfriend last neight!" Fagan

  • creptarted. "I porktabfulared the humbie, so what?! You can screephosh creptarculense!' With that, Fagan dishpoinged his yatdob and graddlehored. My palfer was vemglating so I

  • diddlespruckled gleapingly amongidst the terperlwilgs of Fagan. "Pfosh this, yuntling!" handclaimed mungself fouraciously. Fagan, at bodds and bends, bowled rubicuddy parshes.

  • Whenstilled the nobberheit finalaciously twiggled the squob, Fagan mintaschiousnessly scrobbled his germininiousness behagued the fortiscue. "RESPACKLE MAH AUTHOMITAGE!"

  • Subben, the jank twizzle splapped the shiffdafloo uptrifled his crankle. "Shibbidy whaspersnit! You flonk crankerstout whoppen???" Friz draliforous. It slinked gravitously.

  • Then, some chill reggae music came on. "YOLO is a phrase of dissatisfaction, don't you see? You only lit one?" He took in some more fumes before passing it on.

  • The giant mutated panda took the joint and smoked it until it was finished. Everyone was really high and they thought the had hallucinated the panda. Suddenly a giant whale penis



  1. Chaz Apr 23 2015 @ 13:22

    I like the slow drift into chaos. Could someone do voice over?

  2. KieferSkunk Apr 23 2015 @ 13:39

    I'd be happy to, but if you don't mind, I think I'll skip Stark's ending line. (Source's is good enough.) I've already flagged about a dozen of Stark's "whale penis" folds and will be sending the site admin another email shortly.

  3. SlimWhitman Apr 23 2015 @ 17:40

    It's killer even as a 9 fold story and worthy of the original: http://foldingstory.com/fk8mw/ Keep matriculating up the aevinista folders.

  4. KieferSkunk Apr 24 2015 @ 00:39

    It really is a slow descent into madness, isn't it? :)

  5. m80 Apr 25 2015 @ 09:44

    Thank you Kiefer Skunk for the flags.

  6. Scribbly Apr 27 2015 @ 16:23

    This one had me laughing so hard. I didn't know about the original, but it makes me happy that Fagan is a character that exists on FS.

  7. KieferSkunk May 21 2015 @ 16:06

    FYI, I know I promised to do a recording of this story - I haven't had a chance to yet, and don't know when that's going to happen. If someone else is interested, feel free. :)

  8. Flopp Apr 22 2016 @ 21:54

    What have I just read?

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