Red spiders were drifting down upon the park,

  • Red spiders were drifting down upon the park, dangling from little silken balloons. Children played, unaware of the arachnid invasion from the sky. From my vantage point on

  • the roof of the bakery, I could see the balloons descending, silently, upon the park. There was little I could do from here. Quickly, I

  • felt totally helpless. Then my shoulders slumped. Soon I was on my way to pathetic. Finally, I just laid down on the roof thinking about the one good thing in my life,

  • my tacky Christmas roof decorations. I nuzzled my inflatable Rudolph and changed his nose lightbulb again, electric bill be damned (It's not like I had a family to support *sob*).

  • This is what happens when Santa's elves are laid off. I got nothin' and despair rose in my throat, like eating a sugar cookie without milk. I took a seasonal job at Dick's, but

  • got arrested by the Moron Police on the way to work for driving with an elf hat on. After that I was laid off and started collecting bottle caps I found thrown onto the street

  • that I was conceived on. I guess I don't care I was laid off. I've been looking forward to some free time to get more bottle caps. Especially now that I've become an alcoholic with

  • an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which is a problem when I want to collect different bottle caps but my obsession won't let me. Crappy because I keep drinking the same

  • bottle & using the same cap. It's trying while I wait for the next beer to brew in my only bottle. But I've grown fond of its chapped bottle lip and the dregs make a fine starter

  • for the next brew. Sure, sometimes I had to use a broiled sardine and sooty rain water, but if I went scrounging in the Zone for a few hours, it would be ready upon my return.



  1. PurpleProf Dec 26 2012 @ 00:22

    The dark side of Christmas...

  2. SlimWhitman Dec 26 2012 @ 19:47

    Indeed, kept the mood all through it. One shouldn't forget this side.

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