I followed the mysterious girl into her apartment

  • I followed the mysterious girl into her apartment building. I knew how this probably looked, but I didn't care. She was so beautiful. With her dark hair and big round

  • Hoop earrings, those were some lobes! So, I totally look like a stalker when I step into the building. I wait by the mailboxes, trying to figure out my next move. I saw her pic up

  • this huge box and thought about how it was definitely time to make my move. I quickly jumped out, smiled and said, "

  • You Only Live Once!" But the Chesire cat smiled and said, "Don't you mean you only live 9 times?"

  • I flattened my ears & hissed at the smug Cheshire Cat. "And YOU, Chessy,how many lives have you gone through?Let's find out!" I lunged at his throat & tore it out. "I'm still alive

  • with the Sound of Music." Ugh, I hate that fucking movie, so I ripped the Cheshire Cat into so many pieces that not even Maria could solve it. That done I decided I was hungry

  • and it was the type of hunger only 10 Doritos loco tacos could satisfy. I called a cab, because with this taco craving, I was in no condition to drive and while I waited outside a

  • harmless chick walked by, a bag of tacos in her pudgy hands. FIRST! I grabbed the bag and hopped into my cab, chewing while ordering the driver to cruise and look out for the next

  • person walking down the street with food in their mitts. I was hungry,and nothing tasted better than grub mugged from innocent pedestrians. In a way, this was my personal drive-thu

  • .I snagged a sampling of hot sausage, some falafel, and a swig of Snapple. I had it made until I met up with the wrong customer. 'Hands off my shawarma' was the last thing I heard.



  1. Source Jun 07 2015 @ 01:47

    That was a lot of hidden tendencies.

  2. Servant Jun 07 2015 @ 22:43

    He can hear my stomach rumbling.

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