"Any cavities, Doc?" He smiled perfectly.

  • "Any cavities, Doc?" He smiled perfectly. The dentist puzzled over the x-ray. "Um, no..." His patient's teeth were all exactly the same size.

  • Not almost the same size, but *exactly*. It was creepy and he'd only heard about it on those dentist conspiracy mailing lists. Apparently the FBI wanted perfect weapons, but got

  • too caught up in the whole thing to realise that assassination teeth were difficult to deploy. Never the less, billions of dollars were spent, and this particular set has a secret

  • dream wish that they just fulfilled with a ton of dough and DNA sequencing, they were able to recreate caligula and now Disneyland had a new

  • set of lawsuits to contend with. Still, the genetic engineering meant no need for costumes with the detachable heads, but Mickey was getting tired of 24/7 shifts all over the park.

  • He longed for some real down-time: a quiet evening in playing dominoes, naked by the fire with a glass of sherry and his grotesque fibreglass-headed companion slowly oiling her pre

  • sumptuously pointed nipples. He fantasized about her pouring some oil over her fiberglass head & doing a striptease for him. Yes, he could see it all now... She'd whip that head

  • off & play it like a bongo. The hollow fibreglass tones of her head would drive him to dance the Macarena with such abandon it'd leave him gasping like a guppy. Replacing her head

  • with a hollow gourd filled with dried peas would also create a lovely sound, if he whacked it with his hockey stick. This all seemed very energetic for someone as overweight as

  • he was. But no matter. He readied his hockey stick, took aim, and swung. "Score!" he screamed. Maybe he could tempt someone to join his game, he thought, as he hurried out the door



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