***TINKERBELL'S WRATH*** 2013. A short story

  • ***TINKERBELL'S WRATH*** 2013. A short story in ten parts by the anonymous authors of FoldingStory.com. All rights reserved. --- Wendy never saw it coming.

  • At first, seeing spots & lights dancing before her eyes, Wendy thought another migraine was coming on. Then a flutter of tiny wings & a sharp stab in her forehead. Tinkerbell struc

  • k. "Dinnit tink we wuz real digja? Dinnit bother to clap hands to beliv' in us? Well itz payback sista!" Tinkerbell and her gang flew in for the kill. Wendy brought up the Raid.

  • Wendy sprayed Tinkerbell with a hot stream of Raid. Tinkerbell spiraled down onto the floor. Gasping, wheezing. Wendy lifted the corner of the table then Tinkerbell, smiled

  • she like cat fights. A spray of fairydust caused Wendy to sneeze, dropping the foot of the table on her toe. Tink shot into her dresser through the keyhole & poked holes in Wendy's

  • condoms so when Peter came it would

  • be safe. It's always best to be safe than sorry. Peter snatched the juicyfruit-flavored condoms from my hand & stormed off. Ungrateful bastard. I don't know why I even try. Next,

  • time I see him, I'm going to give him hell. Third times the charm, right? First time he duped me. Second time I duped myself. Next time I'm gonna knock the ever living c#@& outta

  • him and make him regret the day he ever climbed into bed with that skanky @$$ ho. My family warned me not to marry him but did I listen? Nooo.... I was disillusioned by his

  • blatant weakness for hoes, but turned the experience into the selfhelp bestseller, 'Men Who Love Skanky @$$ Hoes Too Much'. Kerching!



  1. SlimWhitman Jan 03 2015 @ 05:42

    LOLed at this. Nice start to 2015. Good work!

  2. sundancer Jan 04 2015 @ 00:58

    I, too, enjoyed this one. :-)

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