Every moment the amount of information that

  • Every moment the amount of information that was being saved by every server on the internet was that much more information that somebody knew about anybody on the planet. Even you.

  • thas wack nigga

  • I resisted the bait. I'd been brought up to be polite, respectful, a gentleman. "Now see here, uh...what did you say your name was? Mr. Dalut? Such language is frowned upon here at

  • McDonald's. This is a family restaurant, after all." It was my best calm, competent managerial voice, but Mr. Dalut hardly seemed to register my words. "I ordered a LARGE fries!"

  • "Yes," Mr. Dalut continued condescendingly, "be that as it may, we no longer offer fries in that size at McDonald's. We sincerely regret the inconv-" "BASTARDS!" I interjected wild

  • ly and threw my hammer at him. He caught it smoothly, so I threw another one. Mr. Dalut dodged it, and it hit the drive-thru attendant. Mr. Dalut reached into his pocket and pulled

  • out a bright pink Beretta and blew a hole the size of a walnut through the crotch of my pants, missing the family jewels by a pubic hair. “I missed on purpose,” Mr. Dalut grinned.

  • "You're a fiend, Dalut," I said, modestly covering the smoking hole in my pink trousers as I edged out the window. "We're seventeen stories up," he said, "You'll never make it."

  • I looked down. Seventeen stories. My mouth was a desert. Only seventeen stories. I could head Dalut behind me in the roam taunting me. I yelled over my shoulder at him. "Landing is

  • difficult, but i guess i can make it!" Two giant bat wings grew out of my skin and carried me into the air. I didn't intend to land. I flew towards the fullmoon and screeched.



  1. Jimbeau May 07 2020 @ 10:48

    Where can you find a McDonald's on the 17th floor? Dubai?

  2. Woab May 08 2020 @ 14:37

    There, or Hell. I'm going to go with Hell in this particular case.

  3. LordVacuity May 08 2020 @ 17:55

    Yeah, the bat wings sort of cinches the locale.

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