FoldingStory is a group storytelling game.

  • FoldingStory is a group storytelling game. Ten anonymous authors contribute one line each while only being able to read the contribution directly before theirs. Zingers, plot twist

  • sters, and outright jumps in continuity from fold to fold are a source of endless... Hey! Who stole my Zinger?

  • I did. Sorry. As SlimWhitman was saying, if you stick with FoldingStory long enough you'll notice characters & themes reappearing, which everyone... Wait, WAIT! Don't change the su

  • bject. What objective do you propose we actually do serve in this life. Are we merely mindless organic machines doomed to the entropy of physics. Our do we have some higher purpos

  • e? He looked down at the frying meat. Was this just a space in time to ignore the inevitable void? or maybe burger flipping was his destiny! Providing sustenance to the hungry!

  • He saw the meat on the grill with new eyes. The sizzling grease dripped off the darkening puck with new meaning. The smoke rising reeked of the future-his future as a superhero in

  • the small town of Frog Hop, TX. They loved their BBQ in Frog Hop and they were gonna love... MESQUITE MAN! Savior of backyard BBQs and smoked meats everywhere! Time to don his

  • apron and his winning smile and save people from asparagus and other unpalatable vegetables. But while Mesquite Man was marinating himself in a tub of BBQ sauce, something terrible

  • occurred to Mesquite Man. Who was the dead woman's sister? He needed to smoke out the killer. Then he could grill the assailant.

  • Whoever had skewered her must have been a real baste-ard. As the mystery sizzled to a crescendo, I had just enough time to simmer the clues & solve it, by excising all the details.



  1. 49erFaithful May 27 2014 @ 16:39

    Mmm, lemme get a double darkened puck with extra non-dairy "cheesy" product.

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