Squawkers, everyone's favorite parakeet,

  • Squawkers, everyone's favorite parakeet, hit a dark time in his life when puberty hit. His voice was changing & people would make fun, calling him squeakers. He needed to prove his

  • parakeetness, but how? He tried not talking, but as a president of the parakeet public speaking forum, u can imagine how difficult that was. Poor Squawkers was desperate. Puberty

  • made Squawkers voice unreliable. Squawkers also had a few unexpected nocturnal emissions, but that's not part of THIS particular Squawker story. The Parakeet Toastmasters invited

  • Squawkers to a lunch, they chipped away at millet and stared at the birds in the mirror. Parakeet Toastmaster said, "I'd like to start-" The bird in the mirror was talking at the s

  • ame time but it said "Hey, Santa Ana called. Your charter's been revoked." Parakeet Toastmaster head-butted the bird in the mirror but he ducked and Squawkers flew down over the

  • railing. Stomping his foot he went down the stairs. How could his charter be revoked it just didn’t make any sense

  • The charter to cook pizza on a rotisserie within the city walls of Kinshasa was a great prize. A great prize lost. The loss of which was a blight on his hitherto sunny life. He nee

  • ded to complete the pizza rotisserie challenge within 30 minutes in order to rescue his prized Kinshasa bred bulldog. The young chef grabbed the dough and frantically pushed it

  • with a heavy wooden rolling pin, flattening it. Then smothered with sauce, and layered toppings over it. The chef wrapped the pizza around the roasting chicken and tied it with

  • a delectable cord of fresh spring oni--...Sorry, the rest of this fold is just too illegible. Someone appears to have salivated in hunger all over it. ~..,;;'; '^`



  1. Zetawilk Aug 27 2013 @ 23:52

    I hope that's not mock-chicken using parakeet ingredients. Gah, now I'm all hungry.

  2. lucielucie Aug 30 2013 @ 09:33

    A whole chicken, wrapped in a pizza & roasted on a spit. I think it's got potential.

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