Things I did today instead of doing things

  • Things I did today instead of doing things on my List of Things To Do Today: 1) Folded stories. 2) Took an extra long lunch. 3) Deleted 492 old emails. 4) Stared at the wall.

  • 5) Burned all of my SilverSpoons episodes to disc. I love me some Ricky Shroder. 6) Re-record my answering machine message to include my new kitten's name, Meowsers. 7) Go grocery

  • shopping in the nude while singing Barry Manilow's greatest hits. 8) Ask a nun if she wants to experience Heaven on Earth. 9) Wear a thong for a day. 10) crank call a

  • bowling alley to see if they have 10 pound balls. 11) Snort cocaine off a dolphin that is wearing sunglasses and a gold chain 12) contribute to a folding story checklist 13) Ride a

  • unicorn through the magical forest. This is really becoming the best bucket list EVER! 14) have a baby dolphins deliver my baby in the beeeeautiful ocean while the mermaids sing

  • a mournful, melancholy love song as the ethereal sea foam billows around us longingly. 15.) Tame a dragon and fly on its back into the sunset 16.) Locate the infamous

  • Blackbeard's lost treasure & lie naked together amongst the pearls, knowing our love is even more luminous. 17.) Braid necklaces from lock's of each other's hair. 18.) Climb

  • atop a giraffe and do a wee 19.) Buy each other a huge pizza and ride them down a steep hill. 20.) Write saucy poems to each other on the side of catamarans. 21.) Send each other

  • anthrax. 22) Punch someone. 23) Set fire to my neighbour's car. 24) Run naked down the Unter den Linden shouting: I'm a banana. 25) Tickle Robert Mugabe 26) Put an squid on my head

  • Santa Claus put down the list and sighed heavily. He sipped a little aged tequila. The fire crackled as an elf stoked it. Santa returned to the list and wrote, "Naughty" over it.



  1. sundancer May 30 2013 @ 21:54

    This is the best folding story in so long! :-)

  2. MangoMania May 31 2013 @ 09:31

    Great ending.

  3. CrazyBananas May 31 2013 @ 10:59

    Wow, that was a fun one! Great job, Folders!!!

  4. 49erFaithful May 31 2013 @ 11:49

    Of course, all due respect to the precursor: http://foldingstory.com/xdeil/xdeil/

  5. PurpleProf May 31 2013 @ 13:33

    I wonder if you, 49erFaithful, are getting ready to be sent to Santa's Home for Wayward Boys: http://foldingstory.com/f49so/xmitrk/ Hmmmmm????? I think so.

  6. PurpleProf May 31 2013 @ 13:34

    Santa's SWEAT SHOP for Wayward Boys, no less!!

  7. 49erFaithful May 31 2013 @ 13:49

    Oh, I've been here for years PurpleProf. There's so much time, and so little to do. Wait, strike that, reverse it.

  8. HolyEureka May 31 2013 @ 13:58

    This one was awesome!

  9. MoralEnd May 31 2013 @ 14:49

    Thanks Mango Mania, yeah, Kudos folders.

  10. SlimWhitman Jun 01 2013 @ 11:51

    Just 'discovered' this: very good story worthy of the predecessor. Great finish!

  11. mensaque Jun 06 2013 @ 20:10

    Great and fun story 49er and folders...I wish I had participated! Great ending,MoralEnd...broke the pattern right on time to make it interesting and coherent!

  12. MoralEnd Jun 06 2013 @ 21:14

    Thanks Mensaque and Slim!

  13. 49erFaithful Jun 06 2013 @ 23:42

    Inspired by true and actual events! Well, except for that Barry Manilow part. That's just crazy talk.

  14. lucielucie Jun 07 2013 @ 07:40

    Mine too. Bob Mugabe's just no fun any more.

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