In this universe, Patrick ate a piece of

  • In this universe, Patrick ate a piece of toast, pecked his wife on the neck, and took the train. In the other, Patrog tore a leg of boar, stole the bar wench, and fled the carnage.

  • *World-A* Patrick got to work, attended the staff meeting, & ate a sandwich at his desk. *World-B* Patrog fled with the bar wench into the forest, had his way with her & scratched.

  • Uh-oh. He looked down. The crabs! Those bar wenches! Couldn't trust 'em! *World A* Patrick sat there at the meeting, trying his best not to scratch, while "World B" Patrog applied

  • to become a Target "associate." *World A* Patrick shouted, "This is no time for job seeking, the bar wenches gave me crabs." "World B" Patrog smiled sheepishly at the Assistant Man

  • Who gave his bag of food to the beggar on the street.

  • The starving beggar never forgot the face of the gent who gave him a bag of cold chicken McNuggets in his time of need. Later when he'd become a wealthy beggar

  • He lead seminars on how to be a successful beggar. It was at his last seminar of the season that he ran into the cold-McNuggets-man again. But this time the wealthy beggar did not

  • ask him for loose change. Instead, he offered him a 4-piece McNugget meal, which was warm and freshly made. "I'M A VEGAN YOU TWIT!" the man backed away in horror, unable to believe

  • that a vegan could use such harsh language. He thought that all vegans were nice little flower children. This one wasn't, though. This vegan had a chip on his shoulder the size of

  • a rice cooker. And unlike a rice cooker he was as low down, mean and nasty as someone who ate only the cutest of baby animals. And rocks & dirt. And live electrical wires.



  1. Woab Aug 25 2017 @ 14:47

    Don't mess with vegans.

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