Love wasn't there. They looked in all the

  • Love wasn't there. They looked in all the cupboards and under the beds and behind the sofa. They didn't know where they could have lost it.

  • They could've sworn they had had it, but the love was gone. No matter how hard the two would pretend that all was well, it was obvious that their relationship had begun to fade.

  • So they decided to go to Dr. Phil's Love Bootcamp to see if they could rekindle the flames of their former desire. Love Bootcamp was a killer for faltering couples. First they

  • were forced to hold hands and walk through gardens and be emotional. Yuck. But Dr. Phil sure did know how to rekindle couples love via his Bootcamp.

  • Adam and Eve's romance was under a lot of strain because they had disobeyed God. This was a tough one but Dr. Phil was up to the challenge. He had to be naked in Eden but

  • Kept his boxers on. And he wore slippers to avoid snake bites. Mr. Snake and family approached him and said, "Where is the key to your Volvo?" He had it in his suitcase, along

  • with his gun but he didn't want to tell them so he told them that he didn't want to tell them. Then he added the bit about them being "snakes" and it was on. Mr Snake spit poison

  • into Little Bobby's malted milkshake, and boarded a plane. He sat next to Samuel Jackson, who greatly objected to his presence aboard and asked to be switched to First Class.

  • Bobby was ticked because Samuel L. Jackson assumed he'd be a problem just cuz he was a kid on a plane, so he reached in his backpack for his fake snake in can of potato chips

  • . But Pringles xtra hot was a bad move- a canister with picture of something exploding!? Years of training kicked in, Sam drew his uzi. Yipee ki yay! was the last thing they heard.



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 03 2019 @ 07:49

    Snakes on a Plane part Uno: http://foldingstory.com/plir1/104v8j/

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