He fastened his bib securely and began to

  • He fastened his bib securely and began to shovel food into his mouth. "I've eaten on many different planets" He garbled, roast brog falling from his lips. "But I've always wanted"

  • - he said between bites - "to be a world-class chef. That's why [slurp] I've experimented so much and traveled great distances to try different cuisines." [Belch]

  • "Mr. Bourdain, you mind doing another take? But less eating? We're getting a lot of feedback on that." "WHAT? Is this too real for you? Is my thumb ring too real for you? YOU CAN'T

  • TAKE IT CAN YOU… You know what? F*ck this. Just f*ck this. I'm outta here. Screw this. It's guy's like you who f*ck everything up for the rest of us." Culinary bad boy Bourdain

  • 's bottom lip trembled like a lemon souffle in a gale force wind. Bourdain bawled some more then swept off to crack an egg or two to make a creme patissiere so smooth and cream

  • y that even an angel couldn't conjur up a souffle so tasty. After a few years of councelling, Bourdain got back on his feet and decided that he needed someone. He went online to

  • search for someone who could make him a pastry so tasty. Bourdain's personal on Craigslist read: deviant taster looking for the ultimate eclaire.Your flavors will frolic nay rollic

  • k over my tastebuds. Must have no reservations. Meet me in the kitchen at the Culinary Underbelly at 10 on Saturday. Wear nothing but an apron." Bourdain waited eagerly for

  • Zimmer to appear with the baby goat. He wanted to try Rachel Ray's new goat rissiotto with flambead chick peas that everyone was talking about. The goat got loose and began

  • headbutting the stove, separating it from the gas line which caused a huge explosion, burned down the building and 100 sq. mi. of farmland. Nobody laid a hand on a goat after that



  1. foldmeonce Sep 15 2014 @ 15:58

    This made me laugh! xD "Culinary bad boy Bourdain 's bottom lip trembled like a lemon souffle in a gale force wind."

  2. lucielucie Sep 15 2014 @ 17:01

    Thanks foldmeonce! Not that it was all me of course.

  3. Gibber Sep 18 2014 @ 23:52

    Bourdain was called "culinary bad boy" on Gothamist.

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