Are bleach and chlorine the same thing? Is

  • Are bleach and chlorine the same thing? Is there a difference, besides need for water, between turtles and tortoises? What IS the most annoying sound in the world? Also,

  • why is it that I cannot stop asking questions?Can anyone tell me what is wrong?Do you know the way to San Jose? Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?Will you please do something?

  • Is there something wrong with me asking never ending questions? Do I know a way to San Jose? Must I do anything to stop myself from continuing my question asking?

  • Is it true that if you finish a question with 'will you do that', people are more likely to comply? What is a line of questioning? How can I use a buffer in my questioning?

  • Language is so often just another means of control, I thought. But we wouldn't be here today without our tendencies to control. "Wouldn't you agree?" I asked myself. I resented th

  • obvious attempt to control me by having me answer. So I just stared at myself. I won't even nod. That would be an answer. "Now who's in control?" Again with the questions! How

  • I got out of the bathroom and away from the mirror with its never ending questions I do no know. But now I was confused and late for the train to Liverpool Street station to meet

  • the person I had to kill. I am never late for murders. Riding on the train to Liverpool Street station I decided I needed a burger. Nothing like a burger before wringing someone's

  • neck I always say. I ducked into Wimpy's and ordered a double with extra ketchup. I figured i could use that as an excuse if I managed to get blood on me clothes during the job.

  • That's the downside of my job. People look at you strangely as if you've killed someone but I love doing it so that's their problem.



  1. PurpleProf Aug 09 2013 @ 05:53

    Now we all know why the killer wondered about the difference between bleach and chlorine.

  2. 49erFaithful Aug 09 2013 @ 13:41

    There are no coincidences, just patterns, and unseen logic.

  3. Chaz Aug 21 2013 @ 22:32

    "Cake or Death?" - Eddie Izzard

  4. PurpleProf Aug 22 2013 @ 15:46

    Mmmmm... What kind of cake?

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