"Don't make me make you fall in love with

  • "Don't make me make you fall in love with someone like me" she just didn't understand

  • It had only been their second date,

  • yet they both already predicted one another's future restraining orders. How romantic! They had spent the entire night after their second date stalking, sending death threats to

  • each other. She pinned a note hinting at castration to his door with an axe. She found him skulking in her back yard with rope, duct tape and a knife. "How about Dinner Friday?"

  • "Didn't you get my note saying I'd castrate you?" she screeched. "Was that what you said? To be honest, Ambika, it's hard to tell what you mean sometimes & spellcheck was invented

  • to tern a parfait lee gibber sentience into a discombifurcated somnolence. Actuator I've triaged toe tern offal they spoil shucksters butt aft reeding Ambika's fyords I desiccated

  • de fjord ev'r moor than bifur. Hayerd to beleaf is pus bubble. Mayhap snot a gerd idear to feed trulls bot I twerked hard four hours teal I cooed knot take Annie Moore.

  • Allis hayerd werk reek choired some rest, so aye sate upon me cuch an put me peds upon the coif table. My years haired a knock o' the dour. "COMMON IN!" I shatted, "SNOT LOCHED!"

  • And so there "Eye" remained, aloft in the attic. Still as a woodpecker's nose at the end of the branch. Buttered waffles remained static as their clandestine atmospheres of goo-sha

  • -mein-kampf. And there they remain to this day, waiting...waiting...waiting.



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