As Dr. Fadoodledaddle entered the exam room,

  • As Dr. Fadoodledaddle entered the exam room, he found himself reflecting on the fact that so few of his patients

  • bathed.He found every sort of filth and even objects stuck in his patients' crevices. One time, Dr. Fadoodledadd pulled an autographed photo of Larry Hagman from Mrs. Farkus' a**.

  • He was dressed as J.R. Ewing & his head had an X through it. Suspecting he was onto who shot J.R., Dr. Fadoodledaddle made an in depth inspection of Mrs. Markus Farkus' lower colon

  • which corroborated Dr. Fadoodledaddle's second hypothesis: that Mrs. Farkus'd had the meatloaf. Dr. F cried out "Ah-ha! So you *were* with J.R. the night he was shot!" "No no" Mrs.

  • Farkus'd said "gosh you're an idiot, it was the meatloaf! the meatloaf did it!" Suddenly everything made sense, the shooting, the missing meatloaf, everything. Somewhere, a meatloa

  • f was having a whale of a time. In the Kingdom of Tonga to be exact. You see, they dont eat meatloaf there, so it was perfectly safe. In fact meatloaf had befriended the locals who

  • were growing fat due to the imports of cheap frozen foods from New Zealand. In size the people from Tonga were almost as obese as the American Samoans that had the highest

  • accumulated Joann's fabrics reward points. What made American Samoans such point gathering masters you ask? The answer is as plain as the giant be-mucused nose on your face.

  • You only have to make love all night to the Queen of American Samoan Pointgatherers, Betty, to induce a deep point-coital stupor. Then rifle under her mattress & STEAL the answer.

  • Betty's fingers traced Brownian motion along the Samoan's supple hide. Together they entered a honeyed mereotopology, at whose zenith Betty just didn't see the point of it at all.



  1. lucielucie Dec 26 2014 @ 17:46

    I think I meant to type post-coital. But point-coital will do I suppose

  2. zxvasdf Dec 26 2014 @ 18:06

    I thought point-coital was pretty clever. Happy accident, that.

  3. lucielucie Dec 26 2014 @ 18:18

    Ta :)

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