It's so fun being a leprechaun. We have more

  • It's so fun being a leprechaun. We have more powers than you think. This one time, I replaced the drumsticks of a jam band's drummer with two magic wands. During the first set

  • the first three rows were shrunken to a third of their size. And you can't imagine what happened during his solo! Sparks everywhere, the guitar caught fire, and then

  • it turned into an axe. As the EMT (Emergency Magic Technician) rushed onto the stage, I thought, "I can barely imagine it myself." Suddenly, I heard a voice yell, "Shut it down!"

  • but it was too late, I thought "Wouldn't a giant Barney rampaging the city be cool?" and immediately the telekinetic magic generator projected my thought into reality

  • And indeed giant Barney appeared, and instead of spreading love, spreaded destruction. I needed to project an anti-Barney, and all I could think about was

  • Majela Zeze Diamond, the Queen of Genitalia. She would bring back the passionate, heated love that was much needed. Teaching us the virtues of sharing our v

  • alentine's candy with more than one person. She taught us that true love is not monogamous. True love sets no boundaries. After that I pretty much

  • had sex with every mammalian creature I could get my perverted paws on. Every night, I made sure to thak my mother for her inspiring life lessons.

  • One night, though, in my dreams my mother appeared. She wanted to warn me against perpetuating my promiscious mammalian behaviors. She showed me a sign of what was to come if I

  • persisted in my exotic erotic behaviours. The sign included a 2 hr slide show after which I woke up realising I had been sitting through my mother's holiday snaps.



  1. Chaz Dec 17 2012 @ 22:06

    "Here we are in front of the walrus. (next slide) Here we are in back of the walrus."

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