My name is Mudd, with two Ds, the second

  • My name is Mudd, with two Ds, the second D is silent; in theory, if only one of them is silent and the other one isn’t, it doesn’t matter which of the Ds is silent and which isn’t.

  • But I do think that the name Mudd is an important name, I mean it's my name after all. I want so much more than what this little important name gives me. I want to be a

  • message of hope, an epitome of the clarity that follows a season of weathering - like Mum told me I was purposed to be. "We all carry a bit of dirt in our lives, Mudd," she told me

  • I believed her. It didn't calm my qualms. Although not related to me, I called Regina & Delores Mudd. They were the bass player for the periwinkle ramona. "I'm a Mudd. What does it

  • Mean to be Periwinkle Ramona? Regina & Delores Mudd glanced at each other. "The band is a musical worship to the human fungus." "What human fungus?" "We're not allowed to talk abo-

  • -ut it. Not like we're not allowed. We're allowed. Look at me still talking." At this point Delores looked at Regina across their common shoulder. "We know what it sounds like."

  • "Unfortunately, we also know what it smells like," agreed Regina, and she flounced out the door, flipping the hair on both of her heads in a saucy manner no man can resist. Herman

  • secretly despised Regina. She was so freakin' two-faced, but at the same time so was he, for Herman longed for Regina's touch & her kisses (from both sets of lips) were divine. Now

  • Herman dropped to a knee, held out a ring, & proposed. ""Yes!" said one of Regina's heads. "No!" said the other. The ceremony was held in whispers while the dissenter slept, and th

  • ey lived happily ever after. Well, mostly. Two outta three ain't bad. The end. P.S. Regina's second head went on to become a supreme court justice, so it wasn't all bad for her.



  1. LordVacuity Jul 30 2019 @ 19:29

    That second head has a name, Delores. She must have become a Supreme Court Justice after the periwinkle ramona stopped touring. I doubt she could do both at the same time.

  2. Woab Aug 06 2019 @ 13:48


  3. LordVacuity Aug 19 2023 @ 03:26

    the periwinkle ramona are the Pink Floyd in the universe next door. Regina and Delores Mudd are the bass player for the periwinkle ramona. They are conjoined twins. That universe is that kind of universe.

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