It was an amazing morning and everything

  • It was an amazing morning and everything was going out fine in my morning walks.Then from the no where someone pops out saying, " Hi Rachel, how are you?" The worst thing is that

  • anyone can ask on a perfectly good morning is to ask how are you. because then you actually have to think about how you are doing, and that just stinks. especially on a good mornin

  • And on a good morning, I ask "Why are we defending the existence of a monopoly to protect us from merely the possibility of a monopoly?" How are we doing? Is taxation theft? WTF?

  • " By mid-afternoon, I'm like "What's up with Rock-em-Sock-em Robots? Is Blue or Red better? Is there even a choice? AND WHAT ABOUT TAXES?"

  • The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots would like to state that neither is better, blue or red, and that any preference constitutes plastic prejudism. Taxes are around $3.96. Fists were

  • raised in fury as the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots protested the ridiculous tax! They threw heaping crates of cheap plastic into the ocean in defiance! Soon began the Sock 'Em Wars of

  • Plastic Gyres. Environmentalists & Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots clashed on beaches. The robots got smashed to plastic bits & floated out to sea because they could only face each other.

  • There was no longer a lack of jobs for them. Now the robots ran the world, they had free access to all the information they needed to control things. In the year 2385, they finally

  • figured out how to shut up bratty children that wouldn't listen to their parents. In fact, robots were the new zaddies and mamas of the world, there was simply no need for human pa

  • rents ever again! "STOP!" Bobby cried, burying his head in his pillow. "I don't like this bedtime story!" " Too bad, kid," I said, mechanically. "It's your own damn fault."



  1. m80 Aug 21 2017 @ 22:37

    Welcome back, Seedy!

  2. seedy Aug 22 2017 @ 10:22

    Thank you m80, but I have had my hand slapped for my recent posts, so will probably not be back again...

  3. Woab Aug 22 2017 @ 11:27

    Aw c'mon Seedy, don't go. This story started at your line, as far as I'm concerned.

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