I am worried that this might be the most

  • I am worried that this might be the most beautiful story on FS & that however many more stories we write, nothing could ever come even close to this story's perfection

  • , or do I really mean putrefaction? Oh, I am so caught up in it I can't remember what I mean. Okay, so the lead character is in love with a cloud that is lit by the sun's dying ray

  • and searching for a place to rain. No, no, maybe the lead character is the cloud. That's it and the dying sun ray is her lover. Which means the raindrops are tears. So sad. Enter

  • a zephyr out of the west, which gently nudged the little rain cloud. The plants below felt the patter of its drizzly teardrops. The big ol' sun sent new rays to warm them.

  • "Think you'll like it out here, kid?" Lucca hollered up to me from the lower deck. I threw the rose to him. He caught it, laughed and tossed it to the rain where it landed in a rai

  • way crossing. I heard a train whistle in the distance. "Are you crazy? That rose was solid gold!" Lucca cursed. He was going to have to retrieve it before it was destroyed.

  • Luca stumbled towards the tracks, reaching for the gold rose. The train was hurtling towards him and he was unsure whether he would reach the rose in time to save it. Just as he

  • reached down and held the gold rose in the palm of his hand, the train hit him full force at 160 Kilometers per hour...and there was silence...and time took hold of him and sent

  • his soul to eternity.There wasn't much left of him in the aftermath of the accident,but a few days later, a hobo found the blood-stained gold rose strewn a few feet from the tracks

  • worn by generations of wandering folk. He picked up the rose, and its withered golden petals flew and scintillated on the dusk's wind, like the souls of all his roaming ancestors.



  1. Rebbie Jan 30 2017 @ 13:35

    This is so sad. :'(

  2. Woab Jan 30 2017 @ 15:10

    Holy crap, it may actually be the most beautiful story on FB after all...

  3. Rebbie Jan 30 2017 @ 15:14

    IKR beautiful and haunting. 10 thumbs up! All thumbs now you know why I can't type well.

  4. Rebbie Jan 30 2017 @ 15:16

    Lol! Just noticed you meant FS not FB. :)

  5. Jimbeau Jan 30 2017 @ 15:18


  6. Woab Jan 30 2017 @ 15:22

    The Fs/FB gods are messing with me, and now my clothing is all rent up. Dang nab it!

  7. SlimWhitman Jan 30 2017 @ 15:35

    What does FB stand for? Just curious.

  8. Woab Jan 30 2017 @ 15:39

    Facebook. Some of us were trying to figure out how to post to the FS page on FB. Do you know?

  9. SlimWhitman Jan 30 2017 @ 15:46

    I don't FB myself and have no idea. Is FS on FB?

  10. Woab Jan 30 2017 @ 16:11

    Yes, and sometimes our stories are posted there. https://www.facebook.com/foldingstory/?fref=ts We have been trying to figure out how it's done.

  11. Woab Jan 30 2017 @ 16:23

    OMG! It's in there, now! All hail the FS FB gods!

  12. Rebbie Jan 30 2017 @ 16:59

    Woo Hoo!

  13. lucielucie Jan 31 2017 @ 16:26

    I was right to be worried.

  14. Rebbie Jan 31 2017 @ 16:32

    Yes yes you were. I here by blame you for no reason.

  15. Woab Jan 31 2017 @ 16:39

    And I absolve you. We are nothing if not a fickle bunch.

  16. Rebbie Jan 31 2017 @ 18:36

    Here here. Well done!

  17. LordVacuity Feb 06 2017 @ 12:40

    The FS stories show up on my FB feed as they are finished. That is how I find out they are finished a lot of times.

  18. Woab Feb 07 2017 @ 16:23

    We've hit 100 on this one! Yeay!

  19. SlimWhitman Feb 07 2017 @ 16:59

    Yeah, pretty cool number. Not too many get that high.

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