The Keeper was occupied so MJ skyped with

  • The Keeper was occupied so MJ skyped with Cahaya & Karta. They were coordinating the final details of the great Orang Utan escape by iPad. Most of the zoos had electronic security

  • systems and ever since Apple had donated iPads to the orangutan exhibits, they'd been secretly conspiring on Operation Banana Split. MJ planned to escape with Cahaya to Madagascar

  • the rest of them were bent on total annihilation, well total annihilation or Wall Street. But lo, after attempting to destroy our financial system the orangutan's inadvertently

  • created a secondary market for sub-prime mortgages, became filthy rich and were allowed into the inter-sanctum of the super wealthy elite that meet once a year on Tom Sawyer island

  • . Only they didn't expect Injun Joe to crash the new member initiation bake sale. With a knife between his teeth he swam to the island and stood in front of the financial elite

  • . "You took the land away from my ancestors! and now I will take these Knox blocks and snicker-doodles from you!" Injun Joe swept the elistist fat cat's bake table.

  • But Injun Joe, for all his swashbuckling chauvinist ranting was clearly no match for the three bald monks who turned up grinning with ACTUAL Know blocks and snicker doodles.

  • The monks fell into fighting stances, snicker doodles poised. Injun Joe, realizing he was out matched turned to run only to find a Know block. To hell with it he thought and rai

  • lied his chicken army. Chicken fire shot from their beaks, toasting the monks like marshmallows. The cookies exploded shooting them into space where they lived happily ever after

  • in the milky way. And, every once in a while, when it's clear, you can look up into the starry heavens & see them still, with shooting cookie crumbs flaring across the sky.



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 20 2014 @ 16:16

    "So now you know what a comet is. Pleasant dreams." "Dad?" "Yes son?" "How many cookies, I mean comets are there?" "Billions & Billions. Now get some sleep." "G'nite Dad." "G'nite Carl."

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