"It's not a TUBAH!" shouted the Austrian

  • "It's not a TUBAH!" shouted the Austrian botanist. "It's a drupe!"

  • Lucielucie got so involved in the botanical argument that she pressed the red flag button, by accident. Was it a TUBAH as the Austrian botanist insisted, or a drupe? The French

  • language app Lucielucie used translated "TUBAH" into "TUBOR" & "drupe" into "shenanigans." So excited to see her favorite word in French, she accidentally hit the SUBMIT button 17

  • times consecutively causing the FoldingStory servers to meltdown. An angry mob of metausers did some quick research and tracked Lucielucie to the town of None. Despite her profes

  • sed domicile it was difficult to locate her. When they searched for a town they found None! Was Lucielucie in No Name, CO or Bar Nunn,WY? The FoldingStory posse HQ in Assumption,IL

  • searched high & low for dear Lucielucie, to no avail. It was late at night & they were bone weary. Just sitting there they looked up saw Lucielucie! In the sky with diamonds!!

  • It was either LucieLucie in the sky with diamonds or my cataracts I couldn't be sure so I called out to LucieLucie but I had left my hearing aid in the dishwasher so even if

  • she had responded I couldn't have known. "LucieLucie!" I repeated to the swarm of rhombuses (or rhombi, in the Latin) shimmering at the horizon of my failing vision. Suddenly, the

  • rhombi light show swooped, dipped, shimmered and flew off into the distance. "Lucie!" I cried one more time, feeling hopeless, knowing she was gone.

  • Ah well. Luice was gone, but at least I still had the memories of ... whatever just happened. I still have a hard time getting my head around it all. Kids, don't do drugs.



  1. lucielucie Jun 22 2015 @ 14:27

    A story all about ME!! If I could give everyone 1000 points I would. I wrote my fold after accidentally pressing MoralEnd's red flag and accidentally reporting him for something.

  2. PurpleProf Jun 22 2015 @ 16:30

    We love LL!

  3. m80 Jun 23 2015 @ 00:35

    Wow, 3 years to publish! Some context: when lucieL\lucie first joined she had some trouble with her submit button, as in accidentally submitting the same fold several times, which everybody had fun with.

  4. SlimWhitman Jun 24 2015 @ 02:38

    Yes, but she's all better now... Say, anyone see a burmese psychokiller lurking around these parts?

  5. lucielucie Jun 28 2015 @ 10:55

    Thanks PP - I love you all too... biblically! And my multi-submit problem calmed down after Noah made the submit button absolutely MAHOOSIVE... which is my claim to fame on this site :) And I guess reporting MoralEnd didn't do much harm as he's still around.

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