My review for 'Inside Llelwyn Davis': it's

  • My review for 'Inside Llelwyn Davis': it's a great film about being cold.

  • It was a fantastically shot film, but the plot definitely lacked intrigue. The characters lacked depth as well. However I did love the scene where

  • Charley proposed marriage to Chantrelle at the top of La Tour Eiffel. Amongst sweeping panoramic views of Paris you could actually pinpoint the moment where Charley's heart breaks.

  • It was the moment Chantrelle said, "No!" It was completely unexpected. It was unnerving. Why had he not seen this coming? How could they descend the tower together now that

  • they would have to carry her down, kicking and screaming. Or bemoaning every foot, every inch of progress, at least. Perhaps this is why we've struggled so much, he thought.

  • Even so, he was determined to wed his beautiful wife. He walked down the aisle proudly. Then he turned and watched with a smile as his bride was dragged screaming down the aisle.

  • Oh, he thought, just a little case of the wedding jitters. He winked at the priest, who grew alarmed at the sight of the obviously reluctant bride. Her mascara ran down her face &

  • The priest turned to the bride. "Do you tak..." "NO I DON'T!" she screamed hurling the bouquet in the groom's face. Her bridesmaids acted as rear guards as she rushed for the door.

  • "Is this about the wallaby?" the groom asked. The priest was silent. The groomsmen didn't want to waste anything, so they spent the rest of the day getting themselves drunk.

  • So you see, by hook or by crook, whether planned or by divine intervention, the annual wedding food fight goes off without a hitch here at St. God's Church in Iowa, Utah.



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 27 2014 @ 19:14

    Did we see the same film?

  2. lucielucie Mar 01 2014 @ 04:47

    Probably should put *spoiler alert* on this one.

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