"Ave Maria,cheia de graça.O Senhor é convosco."Amélia

  • "Ave Maria,cheia de graça.O Senhor é convosco."Amélia was praying the Holly Mary at a little chapel in Lisboa.Her knees hurt.Her mouth was dry.She missed her son,and asked for a

  • handkerchief. "Request denied." The men around her chuckled at her misfortunate. She was dragged down the hallway still dressed in her nightgown, now shackled and impotent.

  • Now it was Captain Hook's turn to fly. He'd always liked Wendy. Thought she was asking for it because she was flying around in her bed clothes. Now that he had her he lifted

  • her nightdress and found that she'd been fitted with a titanium chastity belt. Even with his excellent lock-picking skills, this would be a tough one, but the reward would be

  • worth it. How was he going to get inside though? He would need more than lock picking skills in order to get through all the shiny, hard titanium.

  • "Use a bomb," suggested Timmy, the four-year-old boy who was always hanging around for some reason. Then, Timmy pulled out a huge bomb! He lit it and it exploded instantly, killing

  • us instantly in a completely unforseen event. The plot left tattered in ribbons, we searched existentially for another story to fit in. Saddly, 4-year old Timmy followed us.

  • he was sucking a lollipop and had mucus running out his nose. "Dey went over dere", he said pointing the lollipop. We glanced over and saw a brick wall hanging in shreded ribbons.

  • We clopped our noisy shoes to the brick wall in pursuit of the vile Mardi Gras parade. "It's them alright, chief. Tacky streamers." "This is a job for the Fashion Police!" I cried.

  • Boarding the float in our slimming blacks & perfect couture, their gang leader in handcuffs, screamed, "Fashion is mine!" - Miss, the only runway you walk is called the Green Mile.



  1. m80 Apr 29 2012 @ 00:56

    Timmy does always seem to be hanging around for some reason as Brandon observes. He's in 29 folds so far, mostly causing and being the recipient of Folding Story mayhem.

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