I try to explain & I know its complicated

  • I try to explain & I know its complicated but I still have this feeling that is more serious than butterflies. My inside's are so sore. I'm finding it hard to let go because I'm st

  • arting to believe that the feeling is real. This pit that is forming in the bottom of my stomach should no longer be ignored. My insides were trying to tell me something I needed

  • & what I needed to do is buy that bedazzled frog purse I saw on Etsy. I cant believe there was only 1 left. I ran to grab my wallet, by the time I got back to my computer, it was s

  • old out. I called Etsy to complain, and they said some Professor in South Carolina bought it. Ugh, I was determined to get that bedazzled frog purse from her, so I went and

  • recruited my crazy buddy who loves green bananas. I said "You must help me plot revenge on a Professor in South Carolina who has my bedazzled frog purse." He knew just what to do,

  • and how to do it. "Lay the green banana peel here on the sidewalk & when the professor comes around the corner, she'll slip and drop your frog purse." It was a good plan, except

  • the professor felled him, dragged his puny body to her office and strung him up above her desk by his balls. The frog purse lay on the desk mocking him. Oh dear, he'd never have

  • harshed her mellow if he'd known that she'd go all agro and totally blow up his spot. Lessons learned the hard way often stick best anyhow. The professor opened the frog purse

  • to retrieve his knife. He felt its handle and slowly gripped it. The professor held his breath and walked back to HIS spot. No one, I mean NO ONE will take my SPOT! Men better

  • recognize! The professor made a last attempt to be calm and reasonable. But he had to strike with full fury, and within ten minutes all his opponents were dead.



  1. CrazyBananas Sep 03 2013 @ 14:53

    In all fairness, sparkly, bedazzled frog purses ARE all the rage...

  2. PurpleProf Sep 03 2013 @ 15:48

    :) If I owned a bedazzled frog purse, I would give it to you.

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