Hi my name is Hubert, and I will be your

  • Hi my name is Hubert, and I will be your pilot this afternoon. We have Natasha in the cabin to tend to your needs. This is no ordinary flight ladies and gentlement. We have lots

  • of leg room and free meals like the old days. This is my personal revenge on the suits in the head office that cut back my benefits. We will be landing in a nose dive

  • right in the middle of one of their favorite tropical vacation spots. Oh to see the looks on their faces. Especially since they arent there with their wives. This time

  • they had to spend their vacation with an amorous orangutan named Wilma. The island had one bungalow and was surrounded by a river infested with piranhas .

  • Also, it was in a cave filled with ancient Stalagmites. The piranhas weren't really a problem being aboveground, and the bungalow was correctly fortified against primate attack.

  • The problem came in the form of the giant, shrieking vampire hellbats that had made their home in the cave. Sleep wasn't an option due their screaming and their dung was piled so

  • high I wasn't tall enough to ride. Still, there was hope in the form of bat's piss, like a shaft of gold when all around was dark. Their urine eroded the tunnel to a wide gap I

  • managed to wiggle through & finally escape. I brushed myself off & looked around. A carousel! I hopped on a black stallion & only then noticed the grimacing clown riding beside me.

  • I noticed the clown not just he was riding beside me but because he had such tiny shoes. Confused, I leaned over and asked the clown why he didn't have giant clown shoes. He was ac

  • actually surprisingly calm about the situation. I had been concerned that he might be offended by the inquiry, but he casually explained that



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 25 2013 @ 08:41

    Red flashing light. Bat pee pee detected. "Didn't wash hands". ;-)

  2. PurpleProf Apr 25 2013 @ 08:52

    he had been a geisha girl in his former life and his feet had never recovered from the foot bindings. I signaled for Natasha to give the grimacing clown a foot massage...and another pack of peanuts.

  3. SlimWhitman Apr 25 2013 @ 09:08

    'Flight of the Intrepid: part I'

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