Hello Foldingstory reader! I m a Prince who

  • Hello Foldingstory reader! I m a Prince who one the lotterie at my home country in Nigeria! Howevr, do two my prestiege I m not abel too get my winnings out of country. You! may be

  • come the next to be Millionaire who wants.My request courage comes beleiving you will keep your repute noted by me, Nigeria Prince, through six degrees seperating us. Please send

  • your naming address, social securities number, and just forty American dollars and we will assuredly award you your seventy million dollars prize with large quickness. I await your

  • stupidity to fill my coffers. But Enda was a cool customer, she was a savvy senior citizen. She wanted to get to the bottom of the Nigerian prince scam, she put the walker to the r

  • and hoofed it like Grannie Smith at a zap apple harvest. Enda used her octogenarian know-how to weasel her way through customs and wound up in Nigeria in a month. That prince had

  • promised her the world! "Stick my zimmer frame in the back and drive me to my love the Prince of Kano!" But Enda's Yoruba was sketchy and the taxi driver thought she said

  • "Stick my zimmer frame in the back and drive me to my love the Prince of Kano", driving Enda straight to Prince Kano's front gate!! "I'm getting better at my Yoruba," Enda mused.

  • Once at the front gate, the Prince of Kano paraded to them accompanied by 50 elephants and 90 Yoruba dancers. Then, it caught his eye. "A zimmer frame! I must have it!" Enda sprang

  • up to the zimmer frame and graciously wielded it in his hands. Enda felt accomplished, but he still needed 3 more elephants to carry out the Prince of Kano's orders.

  • Lugging his quarters to the elephant vending machine, Enda felt the weight of the coins in his pocket. The rhythmic slapping against his leg ticked & tocked, clearing death's way.



  1. SlimWhitman Oct 12 2015 @ 17:31

    Way to go Enda!

  2. smashysmashy Oct 12 2015 @ 17:34

    huzzah! mortality!

  3. Crazydance Oct 12 2015 @ 20:47

    Enda must've drawed the change gender card. (Munckin reference)

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