Maybe she should have went to bed a 9:00

  • Maybe she should have went to bed a 9:00 just like her mom's careful instructions had laid out. But no, she was a rebellious teenager and would stay up until 9:02 instead. This was

  • the start of her lifelong habit of passive-aggression. As an introvert, she couldn't voice her hatred for people who held positions of power...but she could drive them crazy.

  • For instance, she would put glue on their chairs and salt in the sugar shakers. Sure, her trickery was lame, but she grew up sheltered. It's not like she knew any better. After all

  • of her basic pranks were used up she was forced to escalate. She had to feed the prank monkey, hungry in her belly. So she gathered up a half-ton of porcupine excrement and some

  • Sand, but the monkey, being twice as big as her, lashed it at her. It was angry and it was time to eat.

  • the money began to throw poop at all the spectators. Laughing as he was picking up each turd.

  • That's how this place became known as "Laughing Turd Lake."

  • Mr. Needlepoop was skeptical. The lake didn't look like a woolley mammoth turd to him even if erosion from Pissing Giant Sloth Falls may have changed it's shape over the millennia

  • . To make sense of all of this, I consulted the Hitchhiker's Guide to Galactic Bathrooms, Douglas Adams' lesser-known publication, which clearly stated that I should

  • brain myself repeatedly for not possessing inherent knowledge of which way toilet paper rolls should face. It then concluded with a suicidal rant based on humanity not knowing.



  1. earthquakes Feb 14 2015 @ 13:28

    Hitchhikers guide to galactic bathrooms LOL!

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