They were called in the kids school,that

  • They were called in the kids school,that afternoon.Weewees were out!The flowers and bees talk had been a bucket of cold water.That night nothing was suposed to happen,but they were

  • really turned on from the fact that they weren't supposed to do anything. Text book reverse psychology. During a frantic session of foreplay it became so obvious that a major

  • general was sitting in a tree outside the window spying on them. This increased their fervour to the point that the local council installed decibalometers to monitor the row they

  • Were having about the elections. Surely this was the most heated election ever. Even Lady Gaga dressed up in a Hugo Boss Nazi uniform whilst Shark Lady dressed like Maoist women.

  • The Orange Buffoon wore his signature novelty tie that said NOT COMPENSATING FOR NUTTIN down its length. To show that he could take a joke he was handing out finger hands with each

  • gerkin. "Eat up!" the Orange Buffoon barked. "After this really, really great feast I am going to show you all my Super Mario mushroom character. It's the best little guy you've ev

  • er laid your tastebuds on, trust me!" We all exchanged puzzled and slightly disturbed looks around the table, glancing back at our "cream of super mushroom soup" bowls. "Are you

  • addressing us with your comments, you bowls of 'cream of super mushroom soup'? Because we're just here to have a nice dinner, not to have conversation with the soup." Her parents

  • never taught her to be kind to a talking soup. Nevertheless, the Cream of Super Mushroom wasn't judgemental of her upbringing. The voice bellowed, "The first rule of Soup Club is

  • : You do not Slurp the Soup. The second rule of Soup Club is: You do not Slurp the Soup. Third rule of Soup Club is: If someone yells "Stop slurping the freaking Soup,” do it!



  1. LordVacuity Jan 11 2020 @ 10:15

    Do it? Slurp the soup? Or stop the slurping? Can there be a glug? Maybe a glug-glug?

  2. Jimbeau Jan 11 2020 @ 10:21

    Ambiguity is my middle name.

  3. LordVacuity Jan 11 2020 @ 10:24

    So if I look in the dictionary for ambiguity there will be a picture of your middle name on the page?

  4. Jimbeau Jan 11 2020 @ 10:24

    Toss grandpa down the stairs, his medicine.

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