"Told her lightsaber's upside down, ain't

  • "Told her lightsaber's upside down, ain't my fault the idiot burned her face off...." Darth Anthony murmured as the recruit writhed on the ground. First day at Camp Darkside wasn't

  • going nearly as well as Darth Anthony had hoped. "This isn't playtime!", he barked at the recruits as the screaming kid was rushed off to the burn clinic , "Evil is serious busines

  • s." The blare of trumpets heralded the arrival of Darthette Cleopatra. "I love how hateful u are," she praised Darth Anthony, eyeing his recruits broken in as flamethrower shields.

  • Darth Antony's helmet turned to view his dark Queen, in her jetblack onyx-studded catsuit. He rasped more audibly than usual,pleasing Darthette Cleopatra. "What of Luke Octavius?"

  • "He's trying his cool hand at Canto Bight's poker tables. We have all night, sweet Darthy." Darthette Cleopatra caressed the Falkor pelt she lay upon and bid Darth Antony to

  • find himself a frosty glass of mint beer. Darth Anony soon found himself underneath the Christmas bush, drunk out of his mind, making out with a pillow.

  • The next day Darth Anony woke with a clanging head. His cushioning pillow had disappeared. A note was magnetted to the fridge. DEAR DARTH, I MAY BE JUST SIMPLE BEDDING TO YOU BUT

  • I HAVE FEELINGS TOO! YOU CRUSHED ME LAST NIGHT & FOR THAT I SHALL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! DON'T TRY TO FIND ME! -- Your Pillow". Darth Anony crumpled the note in fury. "I can't sleep

  • in fear." He felt the pillowy mounds of animosity enveloping his dreams and derriere. And this all originated from a simple good-natured throwdown with a Princess Leia body pillow.

  • Suddenly there was a yank on the chain attached to ring around her throat and the pillow and I were pulled across the room to the feet of Jabba the Hut. "Look, Leia brought a toy."



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    Darth Anthony Darth Antony Darth Anony ~Anon

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