Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion

  • Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that school teachers are making students in detention participate in FoldingStory as a form of punishment? Students with behavioral

  • issues shouldn't be allowed to experience the true glory that is the FoldingStory extravaganza. They should instead

  • be fed scraps of sentences, undigested thoughts, forgotten elephants tales and skinks on rollerskates. They can gradually work their way up the FoldingStory foodchain until

  • they evolve from half-baked ideas into full-blown delusions. They are then herded into pens, killed by crushing criticism, ground, and shipped to FS writers in 6-packs.

  • Some FS writers consume the entire 6-pak of delusions prior to writing.Some overcook their half baked ideas until they're black & crunchy & catch on fire and some have smoked them.

  • This is known as Literary Cannibalism. What happens is that FS writers slowly withdraw from society, traveling up a creative dark river, becoming a part of some savage tribe of

  • people who eat each other. Apparently FS writers taste very much like chicken when roasted. They also write like chickens would if they could get time off from laying eggs all day

  • . However, this raises a question: which came first, the FS writer or the fold? Philosophers have long argued on this one topic, but no consensus was reached until 2016, when

  • it was conclusively demonstrated via silicone-dating that the first folds predate the first writers by at least a century. "How could it be so?" you might ask. Well, if we are in f

  • oldspace, it could be ...



  1. SlimWhitman Jan 15 2014 @ 03:36

    I could follow that. I think I'm smoking too many half-baked ideas...

  2. lucielucie Jan 15 2014 @ 14:32

    In touch with my inner chicken http://foldingstory.com/8gkww/

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