"Would you like Snakes on a Plane?" "I would

  • "Would you like Snakes on a Plane?" "I would not like them on a Plane." "Would you like Snakes on a Train?" "I would not like Snakes on a Plane. I would not like them in a Train.

  • I do not like them, Herman Cain." "Would you like them freshly slain, shedded bare, or with chow mein?" "I would not like snakes in a train. I would not like them freshly slain,

  • I would not like snakes on a ship, I would not like snakes on a plane!" Just then, Samuel L. Jackson appeared from thin air, but was soon blocked from view by the Censorship Squad.

  • Samuel L. Jackson could still get the point across: “Strap your <CENSORED> asses in and hang onto your plates, I'm shooting out windows to get rid of these <CENSORED> snakes!"

  • Besides which, I'm due on the set of <CENSORED> Celebrity Tiddly-Winks! So yes you can have Spam with cakes, and yes you can haz cheezy snakes. SLJ was about to bail from the plane

  • when a butt snake caught him in the ain. It was a pain, and with some disdain, SLJ pulled it out and jumped from the plane with a shout.

  • But LBJ was on the Plane it was a KLM flight to the UAE where he would stop on the QT to talk to the PM about the S&A of the

  • OST for TMBG, or was it OLC? The PM of the UAE shook elbows with LBJ and they got pretty riled up while watching the NBA, so they decided to let off steam playing some HORSE.

  • OMG, though, LBJ beat the PM or UAE at HORSE because he's always been so GD OCD, causing the USA some diplomatic problems. The UAE PM was PO'd and contacted OPEC. To appease him,

  • the AAAAA via GFR sent this PSA: AAMOF u r AAK or @ least AATK. GBTW!! I am LSHITIPAL!!!



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 02 2013 @ 17:38

    "... caught him in the 'ain'" LOL Pretty silly story, butt what else could I expect with such a silly premise. Hey, let's make a movie out of it!

  2. PurpleProf Apr 02 2013 @ 19:20

    TuLips...interpretation?? I like Buddyboy's Herman Cain rhyme in Fold # 2... Yes, could make a movie out of this. Rating??

  3. buddyboy4711 Apr 02 2013 @ 19:23

    NC-17, four stars

  4. PurpleProf Apr 02 2013 @ 19:30

    Out of how many??

  5. buddyboy4711 Apr 02 2013 @ 19:40

    four or fewer

  6. PurpleProf Apr 02 2013 @ 21:10

    Ah, Buddyboy, we have missed you. You'e been watching to much basketball lately and have been remiss in your folding responsibilities... Glad you have returned.

  7. buddyboy4711 Apr 02 2013 @ 21:17

    SO much basketball. I'ma be more diligent, though. This new hair color has me all reinvigorated.

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