What is the center of gravity?

  • What is the center of gravity?

  • It is a think tank that studies seriousness.

  • The thinktank members are all established clowns, Bim Bom. Grock, Bongles, Cepellin, Giggles, Dmitri, Ouchy, Bubbles, and chairclown Bonzo formerly from Clowns without Borders.

  • On a thinktank smoke break, Ouchy asked Bonzo why he was no longer in Clowns Without Borders. In lieu of answering, Bonzo punched Ouchy in the nose and broke his squeaker. Enraged,

  • Ouchy snipped Bonzo's suspenders causing his comically oversize pants to fall in a heap, revealing his Clowns Without Borders boxer shorts. Bonzo had used a permanent marker to

  • map out lines around his body as a guide to where his shorts should go. "Infamy!" yelled Ouchy, "you said you'd left Clowns Without Borders forever!" "Mwahaha!" cackled Bonzo, "my

  • clown-like appearance fooled you, Ouchy! I fooled ALL of you!" Bonzo jumped on his tricycle & peddled as fast as he could toward the border. "Just try & catch me!" Ouchy radioed in

  • the news and asked for back-up. If they heard, however, they weren't taking it seriously. Ouchy was dismayed; Bonzo was getting away! The border patrol

  • was busy hanging up Halloween decorations and completely missed Bonzo's combat crawl under the razor wire. Ouchy said to Blousy "Pass me the rocket launcher. This clown's going

  • down." Their reinforcements, Itchy & Scratchy, quickly assembled the rocket launcher & handed it to Ouchy. Bonzo was hit in the arse, and swore, regretting he ever went to Bitburg.



  1. SlimWhitman Oct 16 2014 @ 18:52

    Clowns Without Borders http://foldingstory.com/5sz3w/ I think Bozo changed his name to try and escape his past... Bozo get's caught http://foldingstory.com/giavj/ Party Accident http://foldingstory.com/ek5qp/ Slappo http://foldingstory.com/30kal/

  2. earthquakes Oct 16 2014 @ 20:38

    The name confused me! I thought it was referring to "Bedtime for Bonzo" with Reagan. So I thought, chimp or clown named Bonzo? Or chimp-clown? But I added the Bitburg reference just in case (the Ramones' "Bonzo goes to Bitburg" which was a criticism of a visit Reagan made to a memorial in Bitburg, West Germany). But I may or may not have overthunk it. I blame Wikipedia!!

  3. SlimWhitman Oct 18 2014 @ 18:46

    I changed Bozo's name to Bonzo and that little imprecision caused things to veer off in a different direction as so often happens in foldingstory, but that's what makes it fun. Bedtime for Bonzo references are surprisingly frequent: Mr. Finster and the evil monkey http://foldingstory.com/fbvll/ Gorby and Ronnie wrassle http://foldingstory.com/vle6u/ Bonzo a.k.a. Sadam http://foldingstory.com/vfuvv/

  4. earthquakes Oct 18 2014 @ 20:36

    Oh, I figured it was some reference to something - there always is LOL.

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