He pursed his lips in the dark and let out

  • He pursed his lips in the dark and let out a silent whistle. It was the moment Tim had been waiting for. Angela removed her T-shirt and two luminiscent Areola shook free.

  • I tried to hold back my critical thoughts about glow-in-the-dark nipple paint, but

  • really, who was I to judge when just last week I'd gotten armpit hair extensions. The ladies loved it...especially this one! Her flashlight breasts took double D batteries,

  • but the flashlight breasts lends were cracked from a mudwrestling accident. But I loved the chipped ones. I love a fake body that has some authentic wear and tear, so this

  • android was definitely the one for me. Blade Runner's best bot has got nothin' on this lady mudwrestlin' mancrushin' champ. Hot damn! I decided

  • to try and hit it off, maybe she was built with a reproduction system. Approaching the hunky yet curved female android, I smirked and said, "Hello there, you desirable tha'ang."

  • Nadine was not for me, I realised as she slithered away into the greyness of life in 2016. I coughed six times and scared everyone on the bus, except two bums sitting together.

  • I was surprised and asked them why weren't they startled. It just so happened they were wearing buttplugs and obviously, meditating. I reached my inner jacket pocket and there it w

  • as, my secret pocket hole. I slowly tucked it into my fist why talking with them about the big game's outcome and DTD eradication prospects. This seemed to distract the meditaters.

  • Until one of them asked to see what was in my hand. NO! I shook my head vehemently. and "Doesn't DTD stand for Dumb Totally Dumb?" I slipped into my secret pocket hole was gone.



  1. Jimbeau Feb 09 2017 @ 14:36

    and...and was gone...I need to proofread...ugh!

  2. LordVacuity Feb 09 2017 @ 14:38

    I also need to proofread as I used "why" when I meant "while".

  3. Magic Feb 10 2017 @ 13:19

    This is one of the weirder ones, I think. But I suppose that's only natural, judging by the weirdness of Fold #1, haha.

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