What the hell were you thinking when you

  • What the hell were you thinking when you stuck your head in the toilet and flushed? Good Lord, son, I thought you were smarter than that. Now look atcha...you're all wet and stinky

  • "Never mind that Dad, check my swirl style, isn't it awesome.? And I drano bleached the sides, see? Wait 'itl the girls see me at prom night." Son, you've got a few thing to learn

  • so you can't go to prom." "But dad, the Limo YOU paid for is already here." "I don't care, you have more to learn." "But, my prom date is already half-naked and screaming my name."

  • Dad lifted a blind with the rolled Cosmo. I mean, Prom Guy was really going for it, sprawled out on the yard lookin' like a calm Dr. Banner, hoarse, roaring Jenny-Bear. The boombox

  • turned up to 11 blasting, "I want you to want me." His tuxedo was a rumpled sky blue and his van was a rusty orange. My dad turned to me with tired eyes. "Prom date's here."

  • How'd I get stuck with Trudge, the grudge for prom? oh yeah dad works for his old man. I wore a beautiful mint green chiffon gown with soft lacy straps. Trudge eyed me and said, "

  • Why didn't you wear a dress to match this corsage?" "Like you asked and/or I knew what color the corsage was. Jeez, Trudge!" I said. I would have ended the prom date then if Dad

  • hadn't insisted I go with this guy. "Anyway, why should I care whether it matches? Nobody pays attention to that kind of stuff anyway." He stared at me like I was insane. I glared

  • at her panties and then at her shoes. "No daughter of mine is going out with mismatching panties and shoes. There, I said it!" He threw the colander in the sink & left the kitchen.

  • Of all the times for Daddy to get ballsy & it was over a fashion faux pas. Still it was something because that meant he was okay with me being a slut as long as I respected myself.



  1. seinundzeit Apr 08 2017 @ 00:55

    Because fashion was their common language.

  2. LordVacuity Apr 08 2017 @ 00:57

    I was wondering.

  3. Rebbie Apr 11 2017 @ 18:53

    I love how it changed perspectives. We got a little bit of everyone's view on this Prom date from hell.

  4. KieferSkunk May 03 2017 @ 20:35

    Aside from the unexplained gender change, that one was surprisingly coherent. :)

  5. Rebbie May 04 2017 @ 14:40

    Perhap they percieve themselves as the opposite gender or it could be conjoined twins.

  6. KieferSkunk May 04 2017 @ 14:43

    Or, it could be that the boy was about to go on a prom date with his sister by the same father. Maybe they were long lost relatives? Maybe a Darth Vader thing? ... okay, now I'm really reaching. ;)

  7. Rebbie May 04 2017 @ 15:47

    Alternate Universe theory perhaps?

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