The girl leaned lazily on the bar, taking

  • The girl leaned lazily on the bar, taking a drag of an electric cigarette. Then she dropped it, and crushed the metal under the mighty power of her stiletto boot. She was in the

  • line dancing competition, and getting nervous. She looked at all the women in their daisy dukes and petticoats, and started to 2nd guess her choice of latex, Dr Martens and Hello K

  • -atareen said the drunken father. He always referred to his daughter Kathy as "Katareen" when he was sloshily drunk on single malt whiskey. But he was wealthy so his daughter

  • didn't criticize him whenever he wasted money on booze. He was also easier to convince when he was drunk. Kathy obtained most of her funds for her proprietorship through

  • drunken card games with her boyfriend. Kathy was the proprietor of a florist that sold cellophane flowers of yellow & green that towered over the head's of their customers.

  • Kathy and her boyfriend find living easy with their eyes closed. I guess it doesn't matter much that Kathy feels as if she's in a play because she is anyway. She is anyway

  • In J.C Penny's Barbara frames another customer.We see Mrs Bentson looking pretty grim, and then the policemen rush in to cuff the supposed shoplifter. Who's to blame? Very strange.

  • Outside, a young girl watches on. She produces the items, Barbara had framed the shoplifter for stealing, from her puffy coat. She cackles maniacally, steepling her fingers. 'This

  • is the church and here's the steeple." She flips her palms up, her fingers intertwined and continues: 'Open the doors and here's the people!'. The shoplifter faints. Barbara retu

  • rned all the goods she had also stolen, believing all this was some kind of curse. Head piously bent, Barbara confessed all to Father Fitzpatrick, who assured her of forgiveness.



  1. SlimWhitman Oct 11 2015 @ 07:08

    You sure it wasn't Father Mackenzie?

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