He also flushed the the dismembered parts

  • He also flushed the the dismembered parts of his victims down the toilet.

  • Charles realized that telling his children horror stories probably wasn't the best idea, so he sent them to a psychotherapist to undo the damage he had caused. Unfortunately, the p

  • plan backfired because the psychotherapist was Pennywise the Clown in disguise. Dr. Pennywise sat the children down & got out his collection of scary dolls so they could role play.

  • The kids excitedly grabbed the toys, unaware of the imminent danger they were in. Dr. Pennywise grinned largely at them, flashing his sharpened, pointy, teeth.

  • "Play with the..." taking a second to take in his surroundings, "toys children, before running before the

  • oncoming train." The so-called 'toys' were actually loaded guns, set bear traps, jars of corrosive chemicals and other dangerous items. He wanted to be the world's worst babysitter

  • And almost won the contest. He made a career out of selling toys to cats instead of humans. In fact, he grew a beautiful fur coat, black whiskers and became my cat. It was all best

  • -iality I could stand. Plus, cats don't use money to pay for things, they use dead vermin, and my house was now full of the odors of my cat's business success. I had to move

  • the bodies of mice aside with a snow shovel just to get to the front door, until one day I came home to find police cars. My affluent cat had been arrested.. for flea-collar crime.

  • Unfortunately I cannot squeeze into a feline prison, and it is how today became the hardest of goodbyes. As the shackles were put around her paws, I bowed my head and combusted.



  1. Woab Oct 18 2016 @ 10:55

    A flea collar crime? Bearshoes, that's da flea bomb!

  2. bearshoes84 Oct 19 2016 @ 22:32

    Just a little something I came up with in my flea time!

  3. SlimWhitman Oct 31 2016 @ 09:59

    Sounds sort of like Dimitri the Cat... http://foldingstory.com/scxwc/

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