Oh MAN! I also just f'ed up somebody's folding

  • Oh MAN! I also just f'ed up somebody's folding story and feel bad about it. Dammit anyway!

  • Don't sweat it. It happens to everyone now & then. Just out of curiosity, whose fold did you f up? Was it mine? The great one about the disco dancing zombie with a speech impedimen

  • t. Or was it the one about the slick talking mime? Just let me know. Understand I forgive you. There is nothing left to do now except just roll up our sleeves, clench, and

  • think about the time we at green porridge for St Patricks Day. Forgiveness is so much more powerful than revenge. It was Nelson Mandela that pushed for forgiveness in post-apartied

  • post-winnie Mandela. But forgiveness was not stronger than greed.

  • And dance was stronger than both. Stonger than all the nations watching me with one shrew gaze, I lifted my hands and heart and began

  • to dance! I flapped my arms. My fingers went tweet. I writhed my hips and clapped my hands to the intoxicating rhythm of The Birdy Song. The nations watching me in awestruck

  • Amazement. No one could of guessed that Big Bird had the moves like Jagger. He was one smooth oversized bird who taught me all of my smooth moves. Next up the chicken

  • wing eating competition! Sesame Street has the best block parties! I wandered over to the silent auction where some of the prizes were shocking! Yeah, CookieMonster had half eaten

  • vegetables for sale, which was lame. The Count kept outbidding himself and always ended with ah ah ah. Oscar had a trash up for bids, and I can't resist gambling on a mystery prize



  1. MangoMania Mar 08 2013 @ 11:46

    my fold had 3 jokes ah ah ah

  2. CrazyBananas Mar 08 2013 @ 11:49

    I love bidding on 'trashy' auction items <>

  3. SlimWhitman Mar 08 2013 @ 13:30

    FoldingStory time on Sesame Street... Cookie's Dental Plan http://foldingstory.com/3v9wb Mr. Hooper's Super Dooper Machine http://foldingstory.com/emq1x Det. Manatee enCounters a mupPerp http://foldingstory.com/pacef Down for the Count http://foldingstory.com/guac7/

  4. lucielucie Mar 08 2013 @ 13:33

    The Birdy Song http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DjMOJU26EsU

  5. PurpleProf Mar 08 2013 @ 14:01

    Ha! Great the way this ended up! I started this one shortly after Jaw2ek's original "I just f'ed up someone's folding story and feel bad about it" story had appeared because YES, I really did F up someone's story... As I recall, it was either a SlimWhitman or a MoralEnd story...and YES, I did feel bad about it! So thanks for forgiving me...or Big Bird. Here is the original: http://foldingstory.com/7auxc/7auxc/

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